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Providing a Cohesive Network of Gatekeepers

To us, it is not just important that no child is left behind, but that no child is left between- between the cracks, that is. We work to make sure that the connection to resources is truly a connection, and that children are not lost when navigating through different programs and systems.

Developing Individual Leaders through Group Mentoring

Studies show that youth are influenced most heavily by the media and their peers. If this notion is true, then group mentoring is just as effective, if not more than individual, 1-on-1 mentoring. By meeting with like-minded youth in the same setting, we work to build the individual AND their personal connections, to ensure the influence does not leave when we do.

Delivering Career Readiness and Civil Engagement Development

Not only are our youth the future, but they are the architects for the framework of what will one day be the society we all live in. We provide career readiness skills and civil engagement training to develop leaders that are actively developing a healthy, productive, and flourishing nation.

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